Friday, February 27, 2009 Redirection and Spam

It happened so that I use premium redirection service for my emails. (When I started using it it wasn't premium, and it wasn't either. It was Altavista – does anyone remember this word? - giving out “permanent personal email addresses for life”.) The service works slowly, but it used to work more or less stable – and I am too lazy to change my primary email address in gazillion places.

Recently, however, I started getting complaints from my correspondents. They told me that my mailbox bounces their emails. I also started to notice that I am missing some emails. I tried reaching customer service – they told me that everything is all right, yes, everything's fine, and I couldn't reproduce the effect.

Yesterday, when my wife told me that she got her mails bounced, I got really angry. I asked her for the error, she showed me the bounced letter, and then I understood what happened. I logged on to my account – which I usually never do, because, as I said, I am using them only as redirector – and discovered that they turned on spam protection.

I definitely didn't ask for it, and I don't remember them telling me about it (though I could have overlooked the notice). Which is worse, the setting were totally absurd – caught spam was stored in a “Junk e-mail” folder on the server, so I had no clue that some messages were sorted out. (They could have tag them as spam, or, at least, send me once a day a reminder that such and such messages were put into Junk folder – their system knows that I use it only as redirector!).

I turned their spam protection off, and I hope it will fix my problems. So, just a word of advice – if you are using premium redirector, go to the server and check the settings – it might save you from some unpleasant surprises later.


Heavy Battle Wombat said...

Well, migrating to a different address can be fairly painless. All you have to do is a) send everyone in your address book an email with an updated address and b) filter emails that come to the old address into a separate folder (or label them with some bright color or something), so each time some service or a person emails to your old address you can take whatever action is needed to correct this. After 1-3 months you will have 99% migrated.

Annabel said...

У меня тоже был такой адрес от альтависты... даже два, второй был, потому что был занят :)

Aleksey Linetskiy said...

Yeah, I know, I've done it couple of times... I'm just kinda attached to my address :)

Kere Puki said...

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