Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In search of a ticketing system

Using ticketing systems to organize project workflow became almost my second nature, and now I am looking for a good system to use with my personal projects. Here is what I need:

  • The system should be simple enough to be usable in a small-scale environment.

  • It should provide all core ticketing features. Tickets should have reasonable set of data fields: type (defect/feature/enhancement etc), status, due date, etc. The system should provide me with capability to assign tickets, to append notes and comments to tickets, to attach files to tickets. It should also provide reasonable number of canned reports (my tickets/all open/ due today etc).

  • The system should also have some basic notion of projects, and should be multi-user (I mean that personal to-do lists will not do).

  • The system should be able to notify me with email about all relevant events (ticket assigned to me, edited, closed etc.)

  • The system should be easy to use; preferably with an option to turn off unneeded features.

  • It should be installable on a server with no command line access.

  • ... And, yes, it should be free.

So far I played with two systems that my hosting provider could install automatically: phprojekt and dotproject. I didn't like both of them. PHProjekt was just too huge for me, with no way to turn unneeded modules off (I do not need timecards, chat or helpdesk features, thank you). Dotproject was somewhat better – at least it allowed me to hide all unused modules, and provided more help on its configuration screens. But then I discovered that creating new tickets (“tasks”) was possible only from the project screen, and I decided that this is too inconvenient to be useful.

From my other projects I have experience with Jira (love it, but it's not free), RT (not again, thank you!), Trac (pretty cool, and free – but, alas, requires command line access to install), and FogBugz (also not free). So, now I am at loss – is there any software at all which fits my needs?


Heavy Battle Wombat said...

Personally I have been using trac at work and for some freelance projects and it seems to be one of the best OSS systems out there (I haven't tried commercial solutions, so I don't know how it compares). Yes it requires shell access to install and configure (alas!) and requires either an ability to run background processes or some fancy Apache configs. What sort of web space do you have? I mean, most reasonable hosting places do provide SSH access.

Heavy Battle Wombat said...

Look at

Aleksey Linetskiy said...

I am using a cheap hoster with unlimited space plan. Unfortunately, AFAIK there is no SSH option - though I will double check.

As for Assembla - it looks cool, but it is not free. And, it seems to me that provides you both space and Trac instances for a better price.

debedb said...

If you liked Trac, try redmine. It's like Trac++ - and interface is similar.

Aleksey Linetskiy said...

Thanks, I will have a look. Not that I like Trac that much - it just seems to be the most usable of all the bunch... Though JIRA is still my favorite.

BTW, after all we settled on dotProject. It turned out to be not as bad as I thought initially...

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