Friday, October 13, 2006

Second Life: cyberpunk becomes real?

Second Life is a 3D online virtual world, created by Linden Lab. According to Wikipedia, currently it has more than 300000 active users and total of more than 800000 user accounts. Nothing spectacular – there are much more densely populated virtual worlds. So why am I writing about it? Well, because it seems that more and more people start realizing that the virtual worlds can be used for more than just killing monsters and leveling up characters. And not just people – huge companies are paying close attention to Second Life. Here are three stories that I’ve discovered today:

I have a feeling that the thrilling cyberpunk stories by Gibson and Stephenson turn into reality much faster that anyone would think…

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ILYA said...

"...much faster that anyone would think…"? - remember in what year the Snow Crash story takes place? :)

Aleksey Linetskiy said...

Eh... No, I don't remember. Is it 2006? :)

ilya said...

"Hiro's father had
joined the army in 1944, at the age of sixteen, and spent a year in the
Pacific, most of it as a prisoner of war. Hiro was born when his father was
in his late middle age." :)