Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In search of bookmarking tool

Well, well, well… I am definitely not an early adopter – on the contrary, usually I wait for quite some time before trying some new technology. It happened already with RSS and with blogging – now I am ready to try social bookmarking!

To be more precise, I am not that excited with the social bookmarking – I just need some online application to store and organize my bookmarks. And the only reason I want it online is because I want my bookmarks collection to be accessible from both my home and my office computer.

So, what exactly am I looking for? I want the tool to:
  • Let me easily add bookmarks from any browser

  • Let me organize, annotate and search my bookmarks

  • Provide some reasonable level of privacy

  • Provide a way to export bookmarks – if I will decide later to change the tool

  • Allow importing my existing bookmarks – I have more than 500 of them!

For beginning, I decided to try two services: del.icio.us and ma.gnolia. I’ve created accounts in both. In del.icio.us, I found out that their import tool is currently disabled – so I didn’t go any further. Ma.gnolia allowed me to upload my bookmarks file, but then it told me that my bookmarks would be added soon. Six hours later my bookmarks are still not added – which I don’t understand at all. I understand that there might be some kind of queue, and that parsing a file takes some time – but not six hours!

So, I will wait a little longer – but, probably, I will try something else. After all, social bookmarking is so hot now – there should be some working tool out there!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Sorry you're having trouble with importing bookmarks. Why not drop me a line at todd@ma.gnolia.com and I can help you get it worked out.

ycc2106 said...

Check here: http://3spots.blogspot.com/2006/01/all-social-that-can-bookmark.html

Aleksey Linetskiy said...

ycc2106, Thanks for the great list!