Thursday, December 22, 2005

Digg - first impressions

Today I’ve tried using Digg – and I am not very impressed. I mean, the site as an application is great, and the content is present in abundance, but I still cannot understand the right way of using it.

The main problem that I have is filtering out the right news. There are just too many news out there. As far as I understand the system, I can read either front page, or top news, or news by category. The categories are very coarse-grained for me: for example, I do not want to read all programming news, since I do not program in C# or Python. I would greatly appreciate the capability to sort the news by some other criteria (tags, for example – this seems like an ideal place to use them!). I can’t even sort the news inside one category by their ranking.

The top news section is a mixture of all categories – and I am not interested in half of them. The same goes for the front page.

So, I will probably make another attempt – but for now, I think that Digg severely lacks the filtering capabilities, and for me this is crucial.

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